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Passport ready to travel

Announcing my new service - Travel Album Concierge Service !!  

This is the easy way to start and finish your latest travel destination memory book.  Starting this month, just in time for summer vacations to start, kids going to camp, visiting grandparents and any other fun summer activity.

With seven easy steps you can have the satisfaction that your memories will be ready to share with friends and family.

1.  First we set up an online storage program for you.

2.  You take lots of great pictures on your trip

3.  The photos will automatically upload to your cloud account through an APP on your phone

4.  When you return we will choose the best photos

5.  I will draft an album for you

6.  We will meet to review the draft and finalize

7.  You can add journal entries or some anecdotal information

Then it will be printed and sent to you!

Contact  for more information.  Check out my website for information about my services.

Get that passport out and start packing for your trip.

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Make Order out of Chaos Call for an appointment!

Many people do not really know how many photos they have laying around in boxes, in bags, or in old family albums.  This article will highlight some ideas on preserving those photos for generations to come and at the same time enjoy the process.

Do you have boxes of older family albums?  Do you have boxes of loose photographs?  Do you want to preserve those items for future generations? Most of us want to pass down those family memories to our children and grandchildren once we are gone, but don't know how to do that besides just handing them boxes of stuff.

One way we are preserving our family legacy is to digitize the photos.  Scanning a box of photos sounds simple enough for a single week's task until you stare down several large plastic bins of photos that you inherited from other family members.  Your first thought is what do I do with all these images?  Your second thought is will anyone care about these besides me?  When sorting through a box of old photos, develop a keep-toss-share mentality to help you organize, and preserve family photos for scanning.

Sort your images based on time periods, groups, family members, trips, events, etc.  Many people choose to set aside the scenic images, whether they know where they were taken or not, and business photos.  Photos of family friends get their own separate pile.  If this sounds like a lot work, you are correct! Cry  It can be over-whelming to even think about starting the process.  So remember to set aside about 4 hours of time to start, then check to see where you are after that initial session.

I am dedicated to helping you preserve your family legacy photographs and projects.  Check out my website, and sign up for my newsletter if you want more information.

I am on Twitter and Facebook as well.  I look forward to chatting with you soon. 


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The Long Weekend

I was looking around some of blogs of people I know and usually have some great content.  Lisa Montanaro, a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful lives.  I wanted to highlight one her blogs talking about productivity which I thought would be good for this time of year.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up so quickly many of us will be taking either a long weekend or even a vacation during this time of year.


How To Ease Back Into Work Productively After a Weekend Break

This is a past interview with NewsRadio KFBK out of Sacramento discussing productivity after a long weekend away... Even though this article touched on the Labor Day weekend, with the long Thanksgiving break upon us, it is equally as relevant.

According to Lisa Montanaro 

"Most people become energizer bunnies heading into a holiday weekend. They want to get it done. They know they are going to be away from their desk and hoping they can take some real time off. So some might say productivity peaks before those days off but what about the return to work?"

Coming back to work we experience what Lisa Montanaro, Productivity Consultant and Success Coach in Davis, calls "reentry shock."

"They get back to their desk and they're like 'Wait. Where was I?' So sometimes it can take a little bit of time to catch up to your projects, your to-do list and also just mentally get back into the groove of working and being very productive again," said Montanaro.

I believe that any of us here in the Dallas Metroplex have the same 'reentry shock' especially after the current Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas vacation times.  How many times have you worked like crazy before a holiday just so you can ' relax' during the holiday? 

Overall, she says you will boost your productivity if you really allow yourself the holiday weekend.

According to Montanaro, your productivity after returning to work also depends on how you enjoy your life/work balance.

"Some people are separators and they really need to get a separation from work. Other people are integrators and they can be checking email by the pool or drafting documents while they're at their kid’s soccer game integrating both, where as other people really need a clean break," added Montanaro.

She says figure out which one you are and honor that. It will give you a better experience when you are away from work and coming back. She explains, "Don't worry so much about being perfectly balanced but honor your own habits and the way you enjoy integrating or separating and just go with that."



Copyright 2016 © Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro is a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful and passionate lives, and enjoy productive and profitable businesses. To receive her free Toolkit, Achieve Powerhouse Success with Purpose, Passion & Productivity, visit Lisa is the author of several books, including DECIDE to be Organized: An Empowering Process for Change. Through her work, Lisa helps people deal with the issues that block personal and professional change and growth. To explore how Lisa can help you be purposeful, passionate and productive, contact Lisa at (530) 564-4181 or by e-mai at

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I took the pledge! Did you take the pledge to "Save Your Photos"

What is so important about saving your photos?

Photos tell the history of our families and knowing all those little known details are so important to hand down to newer generations of our families.  Check out the Save Your Photos link to see the various blogs and information for an event near you. 

If you have ever lost your photos you know that saving them are very important.  I'm sure you have had a computer hard drive crash at least once (come on raise your hand), gone on vacation and dropped your phone in the lake or ocean and you were unable to retrieve any of your photos.  Or lost the small memory card out of your camera.  

And you might have been unlucky enough to have gone through a tornado, a flash fire, or a hurricane at some point in your lifetime.  Saving your photos by downloading them at least once a month is a way to make sure you don't lose them.  Make it a practice to set a time once a month to do this.  

As a photo organizer I help many people to save their family history through their photos.  Some of these photographs are so old they are nearly falling apart, but we are able to scan them and put the digital print in a safe place.  It is interesting to go through a family's photos and see the way they lived, and many do have writing on the back which identifies who is in the photo and sometimes where it is located.  Once a photo organizer starts working on a clients photos and memories we become almost like a member of the family.  

Touching Lives --  the psychological impact photo organizers have on their clients.

Our community Save Your Photo Event will be on September 10, 2016 it is a great opportunity for us to get started in preserving their photos, slides and precious memories.  Don't forget about those VHS tapes that are hidden in the garage, or attic.  Most of us don't even have the equipment to view these home movies anymore.

Come see us on Saturday, bring up to 50 photos for FREE scanning.


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Bulk Scanning Services

Photo Organizing Solutions offers bulk scanning services for your printed photos and documents. We bring your items to our office and take care of scanning those items and then put them on a DVD/CD/thumb drive (your choice).


Why should you consider scanning all those items?


  • If there happens to be a natural disaster (like a tornado or flood) you are likely to lose many of your photo memories as well as important documents.
  • You can save time in finding all your photos when they are all in one place, which could be on your computer, on a cloud service, or backed up on an external hard drive (EHD).
  • Get rid of clutter in your home.


What’s in it for you?


  • The satisfaction of knowing you have done everything you can to save your important papers and photos.
  • Your family will thank you for putting these items in one place.


I don’t have time to do all that work.


  • Wanting to do this, but never finding the time to make it a priority is difficult. This is when you contact a photo organizer and talk to them about your project.


There will be less excess paper in your home if you decide to scan any of the above items.  At this point you might want to have a back-up service, hopefully in the cloud, to keep track of all items safe. You can also download copies onto CD/DVD/thumb drive.  Suggest you have an EHD that you can put into your bank box.


For more information about our services, check out our website, or email me at and I will get back in touch with you and answer your questions.  

To be added to my monthly newsletter, text SUEMEMORY to 22828



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Remember this image? We are working hard to get photos and mementos back to their owners.


We are working for the residents of Garland and Rowlett!


Representatives with National Disaster Photo Rescue will travel to the Garland/Rowlett areas April 25-27 to assist a team of dedicated volunteers as they clean, scan, document and upload an estimated 1000 misplaced photos scattered by the December 26 tornado, in order to put memories back in the hands of families who have lost so much.

Once photos are cleaned, they will be scanned by some of the latest equipment provided by Kodak Alaris and E-Z Photo Scan. After scanning, photos will be available for identification via the Lost Photos of Garland and Rowlett TX Tornado Facebook page. Viewers can “tag” people they recognize and can fill out a claim form located as a direct link on each album. Photos should be available for viewing as early as Thursday, April 28.

National Disaster Photo Rescue Teams are grateful for the generosity of New Liberty Baptist Church, Garland, TX for providing a safe place to process all of the Lost Photos. 

Residents may contact local Director, Cita Sue Cox at 214-356-3878 to turn in photos or more information about the Lost Photos Project.
“I am anxious and ready to finally get the Lost Photos uploaded and on-line so they can be claimed 
and returned to their owners”. –Cita Sue Cox

Found photos may be taken to the following sites:
-Granger Rec Center, 1310 W. Avenue F (This site has closed)

-Garland Fire Department, Station #5, 5626 Lyons Road
-Life Message Community Mission, 4501 Rowlett Road
-Church in the City, 6005 Dalrock Road (Dalrock & Hwy 66)
-Farmersville Police Department, 134 N. Washington Street. Farmersville, TX

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2015-12-26-tornado damage An example of where you can find hidden lost photos! Check in fence rowsand under heavy debris.

As we all know, North Texas was hit with tornadoes on December 26, 2015 destroying homes and lives in Garland, Rowlett, Copeville, Farmersville, Blue Ridge and Nevada.   There have been many volunteers, and organizations helping these residents to get their lives back together.  Our hearts go out to these residents who have lost their homes, I have found it very emotional to go out to these areas and actually see the wreakage those tornados caused in our cities and towns.  Seeing the photos on television, or hearing about the disaster doesn't begin to tell the story.  Everytime I go out and search for photos and documents I am reminded of this terrible tradgedy and the lives it displaced. 

One group that came here to help was the National Disaster Photo Rescue which is dedicated to the preservation and return of lost photos after a disaster, thus building renewed strength and hope by reuniting communities with treasured memories thought to have been destroyed.  They are headquartered out of the Joplin, MO area where they were founded after the disasterous tornado that struck Joplin, MO several years ago.

 The National Disaster Photo Rescue (NDPR) team here in North Texas consists of volunteers that also helped last summer with reuniting residents of Van, TX with photos and other important documents after the tornado that hit them in May.  We are a non-profit organization that simply seeks to reunite families with their memories.  In that vein, we have been going out into the communities and talking with home owners and other groups that are helping the victims reclaim their lives.  We have formed search and rescue teams going out into these communities and walking the area looking for photos.  They are buried under and in brush, in piles of clothes, debris bulldozed on the side of the road.  Once these piles are picked up these memories might be lost forever.  But with the windy conditions we have here light weight items will be found miles from where they originated.

Our facebook page, Lost Photos of Garland and Rowlett TX Tornado is posting information about volunteer opportunities to help look for the missing photos and other items. There is a continued need for help, photos are being turned into our drop off locations and in April we will be getting ready to post the items we have found. If you are a resident, volunteer organization, or corporation that is helping residents clean up their homes, etc.  and find photos or items that are obviously important please take them to one of our drop off locations.  The locations are:







Many people have asked how we plan on returning these items to their owners, so here is the basic method that we will be using.  1) we organize/group photos, 2) clean each photo, 3) scan each photo, 4) catalog and finally 5) items will be placed on our FaceBook page so people can go through them and claim the ones that belongs to them.  This process takes time to complete since it is a manual operation.  We hope to have collected many photos to return to residents.

For information about NDPR, contact our headquarters at 417.358.8161 or email, or you can contact our local NDPR representative at 214.356.3878 for more information about our local effort.

"The main priority of National Disaster Photo Rescue continues to be "returning lost memories worth a thousand words". "


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Unorganized Family Photos Do your old family photos look like this?

October is Bulk Scanning Month


It is time that you get all those photos out of the boxes under your bed, in the attic or garage and brought them in for scanning!  You don't want to take a chance that they could be lost to a natural disaster, or just to old age and fading.  The longer the older photos taken in the early 1900's are kept in a warm place (attic or garage) the photos will fade more and more.  Preserving your family history is a great hobby you can do with your family.  Who doesn't like to hear stories about what Grandma and Grandpa did back on the farm?  Or see photos of those relatives 'back in the day' and the way family life was really different than it is today in the 2000's.

Bulk Scanning Event

Save $5.00 in October Only

Package Details .....    Price was $30.00  now only $25.00

This package includes:

  • Scan up to 50 photos

  • Sizes up to and including 8" x 10" photos.

  • 1 each Gold Preservation Archival Disc

  • JPEG file format PC and MAC compatiable

Call soon, October is nearly over!

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National Photo Disaster Rescue Team This group of people spent 2 days in Van, TX working on getting the photos back to their rightful owner.

Last week I was privileged to go to Van, TX and help with Photo Restoration Project in that community.  On May 10th a tornado ripped through Van scattering its residents belongings all over the place.  Can you imagine that you don't have a house anymore?  Or that you cannot find your medical records?  Or any of those precious photos of your family?  These people lost so much as well as loss of life for several residents of the town.

I was part of the National Disaster Photo Rescue effort to reunite the residents with their long lost photos and other items.  The group out of Carthage, MO was here with their expertise, as were local residents of Van, Mineola and volunteers of APPO and NAPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers & National Association of Personal Organizers).  We sorted, cleaned photos, scanned and cataloged approximately 700 photos.  These photos can be claimed through FaceBook page, Lost Photos of Van, Texas Tornado.  There are 3 boxes of photos that you can look through to see if any of these photos belong to your family.  If you find someone that you know, please tag them so we are able to return to the correct family member.  Only authorized persons can actually claim these photos and you must fill out a claim form that is also a link on the facebook page.

This disaster shows just how important it is to have multiple copies of your photos in various places.  This is the reason photo organizers talk to you about scanning those important papers, photos and keepsakes.  How would you feel if you lost that photo of your grandmother, you know the only one you have of the two of you together?  I would be upset and I am sure you would be as well.

The National Disaster Photo Rescue organization (501c3) formed after the May 22, 2011 Joplin Missouri tornado and is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Carthage Missouri. National Disaster Photo Rescue is dedicated to the preservation and return of lost photos after a disaster, thus building renewed strength and hope by reuniting communities with treasured memories thought to have been destroyed.

As an update, we have been able to reunite many residents with their personal photos.  Our hope is that all photos will eventually be returned.


If you have photos that need to be scanned, please contact me for more information at 469.544.9525 or through my website 

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Summer Time is Fun Time

Vacation time is still in full swing for everyone.  There are so many amazing things to do when the kids are out of school and you know that you are taking photos of each and every fun adventure.  When you come home from that vacation then you want to upload all the photos to your computer, arrange them in a good organizing software and then you are ready to print them, or put them into a digital book.

I was reading an article from Digital Photography School and their challenge this week was to take pictures of different things at the Beach!   What would you take a photo of?  Here are some suggestions:

  • the beach and sand
  • pathways
  • clouds and sky
  • rocks
  • sea shells
  • marine life
  • kids playing in the sand
  • sand castle

It is amazing the things you can find on the beach when you are really looking!  A few years ago I was in Mexico and took a photo of the beach full of shells.  Had fun with that photo in a scrapbook later when I made a book about that vacation.


#saveyourphotosday  #photoorganizingsolutions 
Check out my website for more info