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Aakha Biologics moves from Pegasus Park to new HQ in Frisco

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 6/24 1:19P
Biolabs Pegasus Park announced this week that Aakha Biologics, an inaugural tenant in the life sciences co-working space, has moved to a permanent headquarters in Frisco, according to a news release. Biolabs launched the 37,000-square-foot Class...

Can Gas Cause Pain In Chest?

Health Care Associates 6/22 8:49A Bailey Wilborn
Can Gas Cause Pain In Chest? Gas pain is usually felt in your stomach and abdomen, but sometimes it can occur in the chest, too. If at any point you feel gas pain in your chest, it helps to know...

Can You Develop Asthma As An Adult?

Health Care Associates 6/14 6:48A Bailey Wilborn
Can You Develop Asthma As An Adult? Many people with asthma develop it during childhood, though it is possible to develop asthma later in life as an adult. Knowing symptoms of adult-onset asthma can...

Can You Walk On a Sprained Ankle?

Health Care Associates 6/10 10:04A Bailey Wilborn
Can You Walk On a Sprained Ankle? A sprained ankle can cause lots of pain—especially when you try walking. Though staying off a sprained ankle can reduce your pain and help it heal, it can be nearly...
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