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Baylor Scott & White to close Flower Mound rehab facility

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 5/13 9:43A Seth Bodine
The closure of the facility off Cross Timbers Road in Denton County is expected to result in dozens of potential job loses. The facility operator says it will try to help affected workers find new positions.

Weak knees: symptoms, causes, and treatment

Health Care Associates 5/8 7:00A Alysen Vilhena
Living with weak knees can be more than just a minor inconvenience; it can significantly impact your daily activities and overall quality of life. If you re noticing that your knees feel weak or you...

Latticework brings in $345M for health care investments

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 5/3 9:25A Holden Wilen
Latticework Capital Management, which focuses on making control investments in lower-middle market health care companies, has closed its second major fund. Read on to learn more about what firms leaders call an "important milestone."

Can menopause cause high cholesterol?

Health Care Associates 5/1 7:00A Alysen Vilhena
Menopause affects each woman differently and can cause a variety of changes in her body. Changes in hormones and metabolism during menopause can affect the fats in a woman s blood, including...

Can constipation cause weight gain?

Health Care Associates 4/24 7:00A Alysen Vilhena
Constipation can leave you feeling heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable. If you ve been tracking your weight, you may notice that the number on your scale is creeping up, too. It s true: constipation may...
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