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Garland, TX - Animal Allies of Texas, a local animal rescue organization, recently came to the aid of a dog left abandoned in a storage unit.

The shocking discovery came after an employee at a Garland storage facility noticed a padlock on an unused unit. After days with no explanation for the lock, employees cut it open to find a horrifying sight: a dog and a cat, starving and dehydrated, with no food or water.

Thankfully, both animals received help. The cat was taken to the vet by a concerned citizen, while Animal Allies took in the dog, a small, emaciated Chihuahua mix. Now named Eddie, the dog was extremely malnourished and scared but has begun to respond to the love and care of his foster family.

"At first, Eddie snapped at anyone who tried to approach him," says a spokesperson for Animal Allies, "but with patience and kindness, he's already come a long way. He even jumps on his foster's lap and bed now!"

Unfortunately, with no security cameras in the area and no legal lease on the unit, there's no way to know who abandoned these animals. However, Animal Allies is focusing on Eddie's recovery. He's currently in a foster home and will be neutered once he's healthy enough for the surgery.

The community can help Eddie continue his journey to health by donating to his medical care at

Animal Allies of Texas is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to care for animals in need. Their dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating animals like Eddie is a heartwarming example of the compassion present in our community. Visit for more information.