SHOWTIME featuring Gry Skool and Shake Rattle & Ro



Central Standard Time



Granville Arts Center Brownlee Auditorium
300 N. 5th St.
Garland, Texas 75040

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Showtime Tickets online:

or SCAN QR Code with the iPhone camera  or Call  817-251-1316

"Showtime" with Gray Skool and Shake Rattle & Roll at the Granville Arts Center Brownlee Auditorium in Garland, Texas, March 12, 5:00 pm Gray Skool and Shake Rattle & Roll join the Red Warriors Youth Basketball Mentorship Fundraiser.

Enjoy Alanda Williams (formerly with the Coasters), David Johnson, and Robert Meaderis, members of Gray Skool from the Fort Worth area. Gray Skool performs Motown hits of the '60s and '70s. Team with their band you will enjoy fantastic entertainment. Shake Rattle & Roll. Tavie Spivey, Leann Bemis, Brenda Spencer, and Debi Comis will have you rocking and rolling in your seats with their rocking '50s and '60s show.

You are in for a treat, plus the added youth talent show while supporting the Red Warriors Youth Mentorship.

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