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Once upon a time the only camera families had were the Kodak "Brownie" Camera.  Do you remember them?  These cameras were basically point and shoot and took black and white pictures.  Then color film came out and we could actually have a color copy, and make extra copies if we wanted.  Then Kodak came out with smaller cameras with a flash cube so we could take pictures in low light.  

There are still cameras being sold today due to all the improvements that have been made.  They have bigger sensors, but in more compact camera bodies, improved optics, better performance, and now can have limited WiFi.

Before the Smart Phone came to be it was known as the 'camera phone' we took more photos than ever before because it was easy.  However the first 'camera phones' were not as good as they are today.  Yes, the photos were okay but you really couldn't get a great photo with them.  The Smart Phone of today (2018) can do just about everything. We are always connected to the internet and we can edit, enhance, then share items. It is a small computer and can hold more information than ever, almost like your desk top or laptop computer. 

Samsung and Apple are coming out with new, improved smart phones several times a year now.  Apple users usually stand in line to get the latest and greatest phone whenever a new one comes out.  Samsung, Android phones, come out with new versions on a regular basis as well.  We seem to be wanting and needing the latest technology and the manufacturers of these items know the consumer will purchase them.

Smart Phones
Friday, January 26, 2018