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Do you have ONE system either in your computer for digital photos, or a system of organizing your printed photos?

Organizing is easy as the ABCs!!

Where do you start if organizing digital photos?

  1. Choose your software - find a program that is easy to understand and use
  2. Sort your photos
  3. Organize by theme/chronologically {whatever makes sense to you and STICK with it}

There are great organizing tools either in your computer or that you can purchase through Photo Organizing Solutions.  If you want a software that has facial recognition, is easy to learn and can handle thousands of photos, I would suggest that you look at Historian (registered trademark) Software.  There is a link on my website where you can check it out and even give it a try FREE for 30 days.

Where do you start if organizing printed photos?

Basically you will start in much the same way as above, but using the ABCs method.

A - stands for Album - these photos are your most important and belong in an album.

B - stands for Box  -  important enough to keep stored in archive quality boxes for long term storage.

C - stands for Can - Yes you can put these in the 'trash can' or delete from your computer.  These would be duplicates, blurry or unflattering photos, etc.

S - stands for Story - does that photo tell a STORY?  Keep any photos that clearly tell a story that needs to be remembered by family members in the future.

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