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How many times have you heard a family story about your parents or grandparents, but there is no actual picture to validate that story?  A simple story can put us right into the picture even if there is no picture of the actual event.

For example there is a story in my family that we can call “Baby under the cherry tree”.  When you think about that in your mind we see a baby in a stroller sitting under the cherry tree. 

  • So what else can we add to this to make it more appealing?  The baby is crying!  Is it hungry, unhappy, sleepy or any number of other issues.
  • Grandparent comes over to the house and sees and hears grandchild crying under the cherry tree alone.  The parent is in the house.  Why?  Can you see the grandmother questioning this scene?

Going back to the story above, this takes place in a small Midwestern town close to the Mississippi river back in the late 1940’s.  The child’s father and uncle had purchased a coffee shop in town and it just so happened that the river overflowed its banks a week after the purchase.  The streets flooded all around it and the brothers had to sandbag the doors and around the building.  You could say they were not off to a good start! 

Due to the flooding of the town and the newly acquired coffee shop, the brothers had their wives doing the baking of pies, cakes and cookies for their coffee shop at home.  The baby was crying and would not stop so her mom put her outside under the cherry tree so they could get the baking finished.  In the meantime, grandma stopped by to see them and to also see what the high water was doing to the town.  She was really upset that ‘baby’ was outside crying all alone, but the mother and aunt told her that they just needed to get the baking done for the coffee shop and were watching her out the window!

Now, can you just “picture” that whole scene in your mind and how those snapshots would look like?  There are so many “pictures” that come to mind when we don’t have an actual photo of the event.  I am sure that you have heard stories from a family member about something funny or dramatic that happened to them or another family member, but there is no photo of the event.

These are the reasons we 1) take photos of everything, 2) we put those photos and stories into memory books for future generations to read and reminisce for years to come.


Photo Organizing Solutions can help you put those stories in writing with a memory book that includes photos and stories of events even if you don’t have a photo of a particular event.  Let me help you.  Contact me at, or email for more information about this service.

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