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Summer Time is Fun Time

Vacation time is still in full swing for everyone.  There are so many amazing things to do when the kids are out of school and you know that you are taking photos of each and every fun adventure.  When you come home from that vacation then you want to upload all the photos to your computer, arrange them in a good organizing software and then you are ready to print them, or put them into a digital book.

I was reading an article from Digital Photography School and their challenge this week was to take pictures of different things at the Beach!   What would you take a photo of?  Here are some suggestions:

  • the beach and sand
  • pathways
  • clouds and sky
  • rocks
  • sea shells
  • marine life
  • kids playing in the sand
  • sand castle

It is amazing the things you can find on the beach when you are really looking!  A few years ago I was in Mexico and took a photo of the beach full of shells.  Had fun with that photo in a scrapbook later when I made a book about that vacation.


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