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Many people do not really know how many photos they have laying around in boxes, in bags, or in old family albums.  This article will highlight some ideas on preserving those photos for generations to come and at the same time enjoy the process.

Do you have boxes of older family albums?  Do you have boxes of loose photographs?  Do you want to preserve those items for future generations? Most of us want to pass down those family memories to our children and grandchildren once we are gone, but don't know how to do that besides just handing them boxes of stuff.

One way we are preserving our family legacy is to digitize the photos.  Scanning a box of photos sounds simple enough for a single week's task until you stare down several large plastic bins of photos that you inherited from other family members.  Your first thought is what do I do with all these images?  Your second thought is will anyone care about these besides me?  When sorting through a box of old photos, develop a keep-toss-share mentality to help you organize, and preserve family photos for scanning.

Sort your images based on time periods, groups, family members, trips, events, etc.  Many people choose to set aside the scenic images, whether they know where they were taken or not, and business photos.  Photos of family friends get their own separate pile.  If this sounds like a lot work, you are correct! Cry  It can be over-whelming to even think about starting the process.  So remember to set aside about 4 hours of time to start, then check to see where you are after that initial session.

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