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The Long Weekend

I was looking around some of blogs of people I know and usually have some great content.  Lisa Montanaro, a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful lives.  I wanted to highlight one her blogs talking about productivity which I thought would be good for this time of year.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up so quickly many of us will be taking either a long weekend or even a vacation during this time of year.


How To Ease Back Into Work Productively After a Weekend Break

This is a past interview with NewsRadio KFBK out of Sacramento discussing productivity after a long weekend away... Even though this article touched on the Labor Day weekend, with the long Thanksgiving break upon us, it is equally as relevant.

According to Lisa Montanaro 

"Most people become energizer bunnies heading into a holiday weekend. They want to get it done. They know they are going to be away from their desk and hoping they can take some real time off. So some might say productivity peaks before those days off but what about the return to work?"

Coming back to work we experience what Lisa Montanaro, Productivity Consultant and Success Coach in Davis, calls "reentry shock."

"They get back to their desk and they're like 'Wait. Where was I?' So sometimes it can take a little bit of time to catch up to your projects, your to-do list and also just mentally get back into the groove of working and being very productive again," said Montanaro.

I believe that any of us here in the Dallas Metroplex have the same 'reentry shock' especially after the current Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas vacation times.  How many times have you worked like crazy before a holiday just so you can ' relax' during the holiday? 

Overall, she says you will boost your productivity if you really allow yourself the holiday weekend.

According to Montanaro, your productivity after returning to work also depends on how you enjoy your life/work balance.

"Some people are separators and they really need to get a separation from work. Other people are integrators and they can be checking email by the pool or drafting documents while they're at their kid’s soccer game integrating both, where as other people really need a clean break," added Montanaro.

She says figure out which one you are and honor that. It will give you a better experience when you are away from work and coming back. She explains, "Don't worry so much about being perfectly balanced but honor your own habits and the way you enjoy integrating or separating and just go with that."



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