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Unorganized Family Photos Do your old family photos look like this?

October is Bulk Scanning Month


It is time that you get all those photos out of the boxes under your bed, in the attic or garage and brought them in for scanning!  You don't want to take a chance that they could be lost to a natural disaster, or just to old age and fading.  The longer the older photos taken in the early 1900's are kept in a warm place (attic or garage) the photos will fade more and more.  Preserving your family history is a great hobby you can do with your family.  Who doesn't like to hear stories about what Grandma and Grandpa did back on the farm?  Or see photos of those relatives 'back in the day' and the way family life was really different than it is today in the 2000's.

Bulk Scanning Event

Save $5.00 in October Only

Package Details .....    Price was $30.00  now only $25.00

This package includes:

  • Scan up to 50 photos

  • Sizes up to and including 8" x 10" photos.

  • 1 each Gold Preservation Archival Disc

  • JPEG file format PC and MAC compatiable

Call soon, October is nearly over!

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