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Save Your Photos Day Event

What is so important about saving your photos?

Photos tell the history of our families and knowing all those little known details are so important to hand down to newer generations of our families.  Check out the Save Your Photos link to see the various blogs and information for an event near you. 

If you have ever lost your photos you know that saving them are very important.  I'm sure you have had a computer hard drive crash at least once (come on raise your hand), gone on vacation and dropped your phone in the lake or ocean and you were unable to retrieve any of your photos.  Or lost the small memory card out of your camera.  

And you might have been unlucky enough to have gone through a tornado, a flash fire, or a hurricane at some point in your lifetime.  Saving your photos by downloading them at least once a month is a way to make sure you don't lose them.  Make it a practice to set a time once a month to do this.  

As a photo organizer I help many people to save their family history through their photos.  Some of these photographs are so old they are nearly falling apart, but we are able to scan them and put the digital print in a safe place.  It is interesting to go through a family's photos and see the way they lived, and many do have writing on the back which identifies who is in the photo and sometimes where it is located.  Once a photo organizer starts working on a clients photos and memories we become almost like a member of the family.  

Touching Lives --  the psychological impact photo organizers have on their clients.

Our community Save Your Photo Event will be on September 10, 2016 it is a great opportunity for us to get started in preserving their photos, slides and precious memories.  Don't forget about those VHS tapes that are hidden in the garage, or attic.  Most of us don't even have the equipment to view these home movies anymore.

Come see us on Saturday, bring up to 50 photos for FREE scanning.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2016