Helen Harkness, Ph.D. – Guest Contributor
Nov 4 2016
Welcome to Jazzville USA



Central Standard Time



Career Design Associates, Inc.
2818 South Country Club Road
Garland, Texas 75043

Welcome to Jazzville USA


Date: Thursday, November 10th at 6:30pm

Location: Career Design Associates, Inc 2818 S. Country Club Road

When CDA client David Leonnig began working with Dr. Harkness in September 2006, he never believed he'd be back producing a radio program or that he would produce a full-length documentary. Both have come true. Come hear David talk about what it is like to assemble a documentary with no money - and virtually no help from outside sources. He'll preview a few scenes from "Welcome to Jazzville USA and also also talk about the fear of failure that accompanies creativity and how he's learned to work through some of the issues that creating art in a vacuum can cause. Ask this first-time documentary-maker questions about the good, bad and ugly of being the chief cook and bottle washer in a small business.